The Next Big Thing in Parenting Has Arrived!

This is a very proud day for all of us here at iBaby Labs, Inc. Since the founding of our company, we’ve always had one vision: to revolutionize parenting through cutting edge technology. Our revolutionary baby monitors have helped tens of thousands of families around the world to stay connected with their precious little ones. We are extremely proud of what our team have accomplished.

At iBaby, we are always looking out for new ways to improve and to innovate. We are always pushing to incorporate new technologies in our product to empower our users to accomplish more things while spending more time with their loved ones. We have been working on a monitor that we believe could help redefine the modern day parenting around the world. It is our absolute pleasure to introduce to you our newest intelligent baby monitor, the iBaby Monitor M6. It was created from the ground up and really designed with busy parents in mind. It is extremely simple and intuitive to use. You will definitely fall in love with it!

For more information on the iBaby Monitor M6, head to our product page to learn more!