Three Birthday Gifts To Avoid Giving to a Child

If you are going to a child’s birthday, you might be having a hard time deciding what gift you should bring. There are so many choices of toys in the stores – and you have to make sure what you bring is something the child does not have. Your best tactic will be to consult the parents of the child for a recommendation. However, no matter what you decide to get for a little birthday boy or girl, try to avoid giving the following:

Is there anything more adorable than a cuddly kitten or a puppy? Any child would be happy to get a little pet but the truth is that ultimately the care for the pet will be on the parents’ shoulders. Besides, you never know about who in the household might have an allergy for the pet and having to give away the new family member will be very hard for a child. If you want to give an older child something to care for, try giving a small succulent plant or herbs that are easy to grow.

Birthdays have enough sugar as is and the decision whether or not a child can have an extra candy is better left with parents. If you want to bring something edible, get the child some exotic fruits to try. Or order a fruit basket with fruits arranged as a bouquet or a toy.

If you visit your friends with kids often enough, you will know that these days kids usually have a lot of toys. As in too many. In fact, many parents these days encourage their family and friends not to give toys but instead give ‘memories’. Taking a child on a date can be more fun for a child – so take the little one on a hike, to a local park, to the skating rink or movies. Make sure to take photos and laugh a lot!