Three Reasons Why Every Parent Should Sing To Their Kids

When you become a parent, you will naturally want to sing to your baby. And you will be surprised to learn about the benefits of singing.

It is a fact that babies learn to recognize the parents’ voices long before they learn to recognize their faces. Hearing the parents’ voices creates is a familiar, safe situation for children. For instance, even hearing pre-recorded lullabies on your video baby monitor, such as iBaby Monitor M6T, helps calm the baby down

Earlier, we covered why babies love lullabies, but let’s take a look at three most common benefits of singing to your children:

  • Singing has a calming effect on babies. 

Singing lullabies helps create a familiar environment for children, where they feel same and begin to relax automatically. That is why singing is always recommended when you’re trying to make your child sleep. Also, if you stick to the same songs, babies will start creating their own routines, and sleep better.

  • Singing offers positive cognitive effects. 

Have you ever noticed that all kids like singing and do want to sing? That is because it helps children learn, develop memory, and make social connections, even at a young age. Babies will want to imitate you singing lullabies to them. And when you sing together, it also strengthens your bond with the baby.

  • Singing helps better emotional management.

Hearing music and singing offers a unique way to express emotions, even at times when they cannot be otherwise communicated. For instance, if a child is feeling sad, she might start singing a sad song to manage those feelings. You can also teach your child songs that help your child learn about different feelings and suit various situations.