Three Things About iBaby Monitors Customer Care Wants You To Know

iBaby Monitor M6 with red Christmas garland
Here is everything you wanted to know about iBaby video baby monitors and what makes them the best baby monitors.

iBaby Labs has been manufacturing nanny cameras for over 4 years and over the years our baby monitors have improved a great bit. If you are still looking for an HD wireless baby monitor, here are some things that make iBaby monitors the best baby monitors out there. Our Customer Care team has handpicked a list of three most asked questions about our video baby monitors:

‘What is Sleep Mode and when should I activate it?’
Privacy is iBaby’s top priority. While we allow the monitor’s video feed to be shared with other users, we realize there might be times when you want to make sure no one will log in when you need some privacy with the baby. For instance, you might be breastfeeding or changing the baby. For times like that, we created Sleep Mode. Sleep Mode is available on iBaby Monitor M6 and iBaby Monitor M6T with the latest firmware version of 2.7.10. To turn in on, go to menu > Settings > Sleep Mode. When Sleep Mode is activated, only the account owner is able to access the video feed, and all invited users will just see black screen.

‘Will I get alert notifications if the app is running in the background?’
iBaby digital monitors come with motion and sound sensors, which, when activated, send push notifications to the user’s mobile device. Many parents, especially first time parents, are afraid to miss an alert from the monitor. iBaby has taken care of that! First, all alerts have an adjustable level of sensitivity. It means that you can set your monitor to be more or less sensitive to the motions and sounds, and as a result, send notifications more or less often. We always recommend starting with the highest sensitivity level to see how often notifications come, and then adjusting it to suit your baby. Second, you can most definitely exit the app and make phone calls, send texts or use other apps. When the app is running in the background, it will still send you alert notifications, even if you are talking on the phone.

‘What is Music Player? Can I add my own music to it?’
iBaby wireless digital baby monitors iBaby Monitor M6 and iBaby Monitor M6T come with Music Player. Music Player comes with several pre-loaded music files and short stories that you can play to your child. In fact, it is one of the monitor’s most appreciated functions by parents. The best thing about the Music Player is that you can add your own files by either recording them or adding them from your mobile device. We currently only support files in mp3 form, and up to 5oo MB. To access Music Player, press ‘Play’ from the main video feed screen. You can choose from the files already in the library, or add your own by pressing ‘Add’ in the top right corner.