Tips for Taking the Cutest Baby Photos

Everybody knows that baby and pet photos are the types of photos that one never tires of looking at. If you are a new parent, you are lucky to have a little model all to yourself to make some amazing pictures. If you are looking to get even more impressive with your techniques, here are five simple tips to help you step up your photographer game.

  • Make your baby the focus of your photo. To achieve this, choose a neutral color palette as a background for your baby. Beige, white, grey and pastel colors work the best. If you would like to use a patterned background, do not use any other accessories to keep your child in the limelight. When bringing accessories into the photo, limit yourself to only one per picture. Some common accessories include hats, headbands, shawls or toys.
  • Take a lot of sleeping baby photos in the first weeks. Newborns sleep 16 hours per day on average and this is the perfect opportunity to take some of the cutest photos. Newborns are also very flexible and you can play with various sleeping positions in your hunt for the perfect picture. If you would like to catch your baby smiling in the sleep, there is no need these days to sit by their crib waiting for the moment. You can simply keep an eye on your little one through a baby monitor that has a function of taking photos and videos.
  • Learn that macro function. Most people are surprised to realize how small babies are when they are born. Macro function lets you capture really small details – think tiny feet, hands, ears and eyes. To make the size of the baby standout even more, have something in the photo serve as a scale. For instance, you can make a great shot with your baby’s hands in yours hands or a toy next to the baby.
  • Include other family members. As your baby gets a bit older and is more awake during the day, your can start making great family photos. Lay your baby down with his siblings or your pet. Have someone take photos of you and your partner interacting with the baby. There is nothing better than natural, non-stages pictures so have your photographer shadow your family for a couple of hours.
  • Print the photos in black and white. In the digital age people sadly stopped printing the photos. If you choose to print them in black and white and in a size larger than the usual 4×6 size, they will make a timeless decoration for any room. Black and white photos are also more resistant to fading unlike color prints.

As a parent you will know the best when it is a good time to take photos of your baby. When the baby is awake, make sure he is well fed and changed to make sure you have one happy model for the photo shoot. Your child will thank you one day for making all these memories for him.