Three Features All Top Baby Video Monitors Have

It may be surprising, but all top baby video monitors have these three features in common. Make sure you choose a monitor that has all of them, and more.

Three Features of Top Baby Video Monitors 

  • Outstanding video quality

If you are making a choice of a video baby monitor rather than an audio monitor, make sure you get one with a great video quality. We recommend picking the monitor with high definition resolution – that includes 720p and 1080p. The higher the resolution, the sharper the image is. The baby camera should also have night vision with LED lights that will not disturb the baby at night, but clear enough for the parents to see the details. Of course, if you are aiming for one of top baby video monitors, they will also have a two-way audio system with echo cancellation to support the video.

  • 360° view

Long gone are the days when parents had to manually adjust the view of the baby monitor. Nowadays, modern nanny cams are usually fully controllable from their parent units, or, better yet, through a companion app developed for the monitor. Parents appreciate being able to adjust the view without going to the baby’s room – it is especially valuable when you want to check on the baby but do not want to risk waking her up. Choose a monitor that offers both vertical and horizontal movement, as well as zooming function.

  • Intricate alert system

Baby video monitors essentially function as parents’ eyes and ears when they are not present in the nursery. When choosing a video monitor, go for the one that has both sound and motion sensors. That way, you will be alerted should your baby start crying or moving. We also recommend monitors that allow you to review the alerts received by logging them down with either a series of photos or a short video clip. Having a choice of either photo or video is essential for many parents.

If you are still looking for an advanced baby monitor with many useful features but easy setup and user-friendly interface, take a look at iBaby Monitor M6T. It comes with 720p HD video, night vision, zoom, 360° horizontal and 110° vertical movement, as well as sound and motion alerts logged in in photo or video format.