Video Baby Monitor Reviews: How To Find The Trustworthy Ones

It is easy to find video baby monitor reviews. But how do you go through them and choose the ones you can trust? Here is Video Baby Monitor Reviews 101.

If you are looking to add a new gadget to your home, be it a video baby monitor, or anything else, chances are the first thing you do is go over the reviews that you can find online. We are breaking it down for you into three simple steps that will help you decide which baby monitor to get.

Video Baby Monitor Reviews: Step 1 – Collect your reviews

After you decided what brand you want to get for your video baby monitor, the first thing you want to do is to collect all the reviews you can find. Go to the company’s official website to look for testimonials, and check social media as well. For iBaby, for instance, you can search for #iBabyMonitor on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Don’t forget to check official resellers as well. iBaby has a ‘Reviews’ section on the blog that is dedicated to our video baby monitor reviews for the latest models.

Video Baby Monitor Reviews: Step 2 – Check bloggers’ reviews

iBaby always recommends checking video baby monitor reviews written by bloggers. The reason behind it is because bloggers usually write much longer reviews covering all features. They also usually add nice visuals and provide tips and tricks based on their experience. They’re also open to communication and will most probably respond to your questions posted in the comment section. Check out these two examples of video baby monitor reviews we just got: iBaby Monitor M6 HD Wi-Fi Baby Monitor Review and BAM’s Baby Monitor/Camera Review.

Video Baby Monitor Reviews: Step 3 – Create your own review

No doubt, the best way to make an opinion of a video baby monitor is to test one yourself. With iBaby monitors, you will have 30 days from the purchase date to play with the monitor and decide if you want to keep it. Our Customer Care team will also support you if you have any questions and is reachable over phone or email. If you’re completely satisfied with your video baby monitor, be sure to leave us a review. Help a fellow parent out!

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