Our Toughest Critics Were Put to the Test – Video Monitor Reviews


Party Time!

Who doesn’t love a good party? We sent out iBaby monitors to families across the country so they can see what the hype is all about. With the help of Tryazon, families had the opportunity to host parties to show off their iBaby Monitors. Each participant received a party package as well as a party host guide to ensure they have successful parties. After the party, party hosts and guests had an opportunity to do video monitor reviews with the iBaby Monitor. Some families hosted teddy-bear parties and others hosted dance parties. Here’s what they had to say about the iBaby Monitor…

Night vision images are almost as good as day
“Our party was a big hit. We are pretty amazed with iBaby M6S baby monitor. It has so many amazing features. It works on WiFi. You need to download iBaby app to make it work. I had an issue with the app but the customer service was great to help me. Now everything is working fine. Daytime image quality on the iBaby is very clear and has color that is accurate with real life. Night vision images are almost as good as day. it also shows the room temperature and air quality. Overall its a great monitor if you have a baby or toddler.” – Nidhi Chauhan

It was a good feeling…for them to want it that bad.

“I hosted a teddy bear picnic in the park with a little over 60 attendees. We are smores did a craft then put our bears down for a “nap”. I demoed to the mom all about the features of the monitor and the convenience that it’s on your phone. My mamas loved it! I had a couple expecting mamas and they put it on their registry! It was a good feeling for me because I felt that I explained really good enough for them to want it that bad.” – Heather West

We actually ended up having a (spontaneous) dance

“Because we got a late start, I was not able to have my iBaby Monitor baby shower the way that I had planned, but I did get to do all the fun activities that I planned….and then some more spontaneous ones too. We actually ended up having a dance party with all the kids (see pictures) when we were playing a good song from my iTunes on the monitor.

Everyone was very impressed with the monitor. I was able to showcase the music, two-way speaking and night vision features easily using the monitor and app. I have read some review of the monitor saying that the Wi-Fi was a problem, but it wasn’t for us!” – Susie Quinlivan


It was amazing to see the incredible parties our hosts came up with! They all had creative ideas on how to share their new monitors with their friends and loved ones. Party hosts and guests all loved the features iBaby Monitors had to offer. The most popular features were clear night vision, music player, and high video resolution. Some were concerned about the compatibility of their phone models or the strength of their Wi-Fi signal. However, a quick call to customer service solved any problem! A Big shout out to Tryzon party hosts for your incredible parties!