What is International Women’s Day and How to Celebrate It?

Source: http://scaero.deviantart.com

Source: http://scaero.deviantart.com

March 8 is the day recognized as International Women’s Day and is celebrated in many countries around the globe. Started as a political event to bring attention to women rights, the holiday today has mostly lost its political flavor. Instead, it is a day to celebrate women’s achievements and equality. In some countries though, it is an national holiday.

Purple is the official color or the day, which symbolizes dignity and justice. United Nations assigns a theme to each celebrated International Women’s Day. This year it is ‘Make It Happen’, which calls for recognition and advancement of women.

How can you celebrate International Women’s Day? Here are a few suggestions of simple things you can do to bring awareness to women’s issues and celebrate women:
• Use #MakeItHappen when posting on social media
• Wear purple
• Change your website/blog/social media pages to purple for a day
• Participate in local charity events or run your own event to raise awareness for gender equality
• At the very least, give a call to the most important women in your life and tell them how much them mean to you.

To learn more about the day and its meaning, check out these resources here and here.