What New Mothers Usually Do Not Talk About: Fighting Postpartum Depression

As you are preparing for the baby’s arrival, you feel excited and maybe a little scared. When the baby comes, your life changes completely. You are tasked with caring for a new human 24/7, a responsibility that can be overwhelming. It is natural to feel irritable, tired, and anxious. Dubbed, ‘the fourth trimester’, these feelings are familiar to almost any woman and a natural reaction to this life-changing event. In fact, fathers are not an exception either and may feel anxious after a baby’s birth as well.

However, when the symptoms last longer than two weeks, it is time to take the bull by the horns. What can be done? The very first step is not being isolated and talking to someone you trust about your feelings: your partner, your family or close friend, or a doctor. We are inspired by blogger January Harshe who started #takebackpostpartum on Instagram in an effort to bring awareness to the condition and support fellow mothers.

While you will be feeling an immense love for your little one, it is important to not forget about yourself. Find a way to have some ‘me-time’ and quality time with your partner. Take your baby out for walks, exercise and make healthy food choices. Do not beat yourself up if your house does not look perfect any more. Make realistic goals for yourself and feel good when you reach them.

Postpartum depression is a treatable condition and happens to many new parents worldwide. With time, positive attitude and support you can overcome ‘baby blues’ and be the happy parent you always wanted to be.