What Should I Get My Kids for Christmas?

It’s that time of the year again! The time to put your Santa hat on and go Christmas gifts shopping for your kids. Oftentimes, parents and kids disagree on what the best gift is – you might have your eyes set on a beautiful dress for your daughter, but it might not even qualify as a gift to her. This is a classic ‘need’ vs ‘want’ battle. As a parent, you know what gifts they want but you also might want to get them something that will last long, something they will come back to again and again. And you know what? Such things do exist!
Practical gifts
What you think: ‘These shoes will be perfect for spring’.
What kids think: ‘ I don’t care about those shoes. Buy me skates instead’.
Compromise: Pick something that will last your child a long time and that makes him more ‘grown-up’. For example, a watch, a pair of earrings or a bicycle. However, it has to be something that your child wants, and just not something you decide to buy.
Educational gifts
What you think: ‘Chess is a classy choice, right?’
What kids think: ‘I can’t even’.
Compromise: While chess might be hard to learn even for an adult, there are some timeless games that will last for a long time. Such classic choices include Rubik’s cube, card games and board games.
Fun gifts
What you think: ‘Why again you need that slime thing?’
What kids think: ‘Because slime is cool. And I’m just a kid!’
Compromise: You might not understand the reasoning behind why a certain gift that is neither ‘practical’ nor ‘educational’ is necessary but this is what the childhood is all about. The day your child stops asking for dolls and swords is the day you will feel sad your child has grown up.