What to Expect From Modern Baby Monitors?

Ever since Zenith came up with the very first ‘Radio Nurse’ baby monitor in 1937, the industry never stopped evolving. The early attempts to monitor a child were represented by simple radio devices that allowed a parent to hear what is happening in the nursery. However, those gadgets not only picked up a lot of background noise, but also often switched to transmitting a nearby radio station.

With years of development, baby monitors have improved considerably and added some great features. First, there was a way to respond back to a child (two-way communication). Then, video monitors added a picture to the sound of audio monitors. As of recent, we can enjoy wireless devices that are accessible from your mobile device and can be viewed from virtually anywhere.

If you are looking to buy a video baby monitor, these are the features you can expect to find in modern baby monitors:

  1. High quality video resolution. Combined with fast speed Internet, modern baby monitors should offer high video quality for daytime and night monitoring.
  2. Two-way communication. You should be able to respond to your child from anywhere you are – office, business trip, or walking your dog.
  3. Mobile app access. Since a cell phone is something we cannot imagine ourselves without, it only makes sense that you should be able to access your baby video from your favorite mobile device, such as a phone or tablet.
  4. Ability to adjust the camera from distance. This feature is found in best devices and allows parents to move and tilt the monitor with a simple swipe of a finger on their mobile device.
  5. Ability to play music. Music helps children fall asleep and sets a predictable naptime routine. You should be able to play your child’s favorite songs through a modern baby monitor.
  6. Ability to take photos and videos. Since babies make the cutest models, you should be able to always have a way to capture a moment even if you are far away.
  7. Safety and security. You should rest assured that while using a baby monitor, your child is safe with it and the video feed is only available to the people you know and trust.

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