Christmas Gift Ideas for The Child That Has Everything

What to buy for a child who has everything?’. As parents frantically search for Christmas gift ideas, we came up with three simple options for all kids on your list.
Christmas is just around the corner and as the time is slowly but surely creeping in on us, many parents have gone into panic mode over Christmas gifts. Worry you not, we have some ideas that are good even for those kids that have everything.

  1. Give small things

    Many parents feel disappointed when something big that they give to their child is simply forgotten in a few days. In fact, it is not unusual for kids to get tired with toys easily. Instead of giving one big toy, you may choose to give a small ‘treasure box’ instead. Find a tin box, and fill it with small goodies that your child will enjoy. These can be anything from cute erasers, little toys, candies, whistles, jewelry, or tattoos – you will know best what your child likes. 

  2. Gift experiences

    Too many parents complain about the pile of toys their child has. If your child has too many toys, it might be time to donate some before bringing any more new toys to the house. Go over toys that your child does not play with anymore, and together decide what toys they can give to other kids. It’s a great learning experience for your child and an opportunity to declutter for parents. Also, instead of buying toys, choose to gift experiences. Take your child to an ice rink, ballet, hockey game, zoo, or a museum, something that will be memorable for them. Make it a whole day experience and have your child decide on what to eat for lunch, too (which can mean dessert for lunch).

  3.  Offer learning experience

    You can also choose gifts that enrich your child’s world. If you were thinking about getting a pet, Christmas might be a perfect time to get one. Have a conversation with your child about their responsibilities and the challenges of having a pet. Make sure your child understands that it’s not going to be all fun all the time. Books and music instruments are other gifts that provide great learning experiences to children.