Where To Place A Video Baby Monitor: Best Practices

Modern looking baby nursery for a girl

Where would you place a baby monitor here?

The best place for a baby monitor in baby’s room is the one that provides the best angle of the baby and is safe for your child.
A Wi-Fi video baby monitor is something that the majority of modern day parents get to keep an eye on their kids. It helps parents to know what is happening with the baby, never miss the baby crying or waking up, as well as talk to the baby through the monitor and take videos and photos.
Once you get the nanny cam, the question arises, where do you put it? We recommend three safe places for your gadget.

  1. On the crib. This is the most obvious place, and many parents prefer it, especially for static monitors that do not turn. You will need a wall mount for that. When placing a video monitor on your baby’s crib, remember to place it away from your baby’s head, and make sure it sits firm and does not wobble. There should be no wires hanging within your child’s reach. Finally, as soon as your baby starts to get up in the bed, you will have to remove the monitor to a further distance from the baby.
  2. On the wall. This place is good in case the monitor does not have a wall mount, or your need to move the monitor away from the crib. Do not place the shelf (and the monitor) above the crib, especially if you live in seismic active areas. Secure the cord along the wall and do not let in dangle where the baby might grab it. If you are not planning to move the camera around your house, you can consider adding a double-sided scotch tape to the base of the monitor.
  3. On the baby changing station, or table. This place is usually close to the baby crib, and if the monitor is placed there, make sure no cords are within baby’s reach. Also, make sure the baby cannot knock the nanny cam out with her arms or legs.

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