What Makes iBaby Care App a Gold Award Winner of 2015 Summer Awards

badge-gold-award-winner-2015 (1)
Last week our iBaby Care App was chosen as a Gold Award Winner of 2015 Summer Awards by Best Mobile App Awards. We are absolutely thrilled to be picked in the Best App for Children and Toddlers category with our app.

The Best Mobile App Awards is committed to bringing awareness to the most recent and greatest awards. BMA runs several contests every year to ensure all categories of mobile apps are covered. The winning app is selected by a committee of non-biased industry experts and app developers. The winner is selected on the basis of an app’s design, usability, functionality and overall performance.

iBaby Care is the official companion app developed by iBaby to be used with the intelligent iBaby Monitor M6. Using the iBaby Care App allows you to easily set up your monitor and start monitoring your baby anytime, anywhere in crystal clear HD resolution.

The app allows you to:
• Watch crystal clear HD live video stream whether it’s day or night
• Play soothing music and record bedtime stories for your loved ones so that they will always feel your presence.
• Hear and speak with your loved ones simultaneously
• 360° rotation helps you keep track of your baby’s movement
• Get visual alert notifications on your baby’s status
Besides that you can also:
• Capture HD photos and video clips
• Invite unlimited number of family and friends to join in on the baby watching fun.
• Add additional monitors to extend your care circle to your home, pets, elderly family members, or plants.

iBaby Care App comes free with iBaby Monitor M6 and is available for download from the App Store and Google Play.