Why You Need A Video Baby Monitor For Your Toddler

A black-and-white photo of a toddler smiling who has food smeared on his face
Most parents are looking for a baby monitor for their newborn. But here is why you also need a nanny cam for your toddler.

Most parents do not realize that getting a wireless video baby monitor is an investment that will serve them for many years after the baby is born. You might think it would be most helpful for the nights to watch the baby, but a video nanny cam is also helpful for the parents of toddlers.

Toddlers are moving around so much that some parents complain it’s hard to keep up with them! If you’re looking for a video monitor specifically for a toddler, choose one that swivels and turns, like iBaby Monitor M6T. This baby monitor with its 360° horizontal and 110° vertical movement and zoom feature will give you a detailed view of your child wherever she is.

Older babies will also show more interest in listening to short stories, especially before nap time. At the time when you cannot read a book to your child, you can easily turn on your child’s favorite bedside story while you are doing something else. You can always check on the baby through your app or wait for an alert to come to your mobile device.

Finally, a video nanny cam will come handy for your toddler at night. If your child sleeps in a separate room, you no longer need to get up and go to the  room to check on her. Simply log in to the app to see your baby sleeping peacefully. With iBaby Monitor M6T’s sharp night vision, you will sleep see your child clearly. You can even talk to your baby through the monitor’s two-way audio. iBaby Monitor M6T also makes it easy to check on the temperature and humidity in the child’s room.

Don’t think you need your video baby monitor anymore? Here are some suggestions on what to do with the baby monitor when you baby grows up.